Plenary Session



Honoring Dr M. N. S. Swamy

and His Profound Contributions
 on His 75th Birthday


Over the last 40 years Dr. Swamy has made significant contributions to the area of Circuits and Systems, DSP, Multi-Dimensional Systems, Image Processing Graph Theory as well as Electronics. In celebrating his 75th birthday we revisit some of his seminal contributions in the above areas.


Plenary session moderators

Dr. Majid Ahmadi, University of Windsor and Dr. Wasfy B. Mikhael, University of Central Florida


Plenary presentations

  • Reconstruction of Sparse Signals by Minimizing a Re-Weighted Approximate l0-Norm in the Null Space of the Measurement Matrix
    Jeevan K. Pant, Wu-Sheng Lu, Andreas Antoniou

  • Image Registration Using Feature Points, Zernike Moments and an M-Estimator
    Steven Gillan, Pan Agathoklis

  • A Composite CMOS Pair and an Adjoint
    Haoyu Wang, Robert Newcomb





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53rd IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems